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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


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Holly Class-Miss Aldous, Mrs Mellon

Eucalyptus-Miss Purbrick, Mrs Khabra, Mrs Jarrett

Term 1 and 2 TIPS letters

On Friday 1st November, Year 6 became paramedics!. Babs Dixon from The Red Cross came in to teach us all about first aid. Using videos, she gave us possible emergency scenarios and asked us how we would deal with them. We then learnt how to check if a patient is conscious, breathing and how to put them in the recovery position. Did you know that making a 999 phone call on your mobile is FREE, and you can even call with no signal and no credit? Lastly we practiced CPR - Call, Pump, Recover...on a practice mannequin. Everyone in year 6 found this informative and very useful! Thank you Babs

Year 6 had a great time this week (beg. 30.09.19) learning how to code through use of the SCRATCH software

Year 6 were forever blowing bubbles. This was Eucalyptus class last year, wondering why bubbles float and using the microscope to have a closer look. They also looked at how they could change certain variables when investigating and explored what molecules are.