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Harvest festival

Our Harvest Celebration 2018.

On Thursday 11th October 2018 we had our annual Harvest celebration. Once again the hall was decorated beautifully with the many harvest gifts the children had brought to school.

We started our assembly with everybody singing Cauliflowers Fluffy. Sister Gill again came and spoke at our celebration. This year she demonstrated with long forks, marshmallows and children, how important it is that we work together, share our food and feed each other! We reflected on how grateful we were for our food and how important it was to share with others. Sister Gill also brought in a harvest loaf in the shape of a sheaf of wheat, including a harvest mouse. She reminded us that originally the harvest loaf was made to be taken to church to say thank you to God for a good harvest and for all the food. Next, we sang Harvest Samba. We ended our assembly by announcing the winners from each class for the best decorated Harvest Box.

After our assembly, the choir visited Johnson Close to continue celebrating harvest. We had a lovely time as we sang songs to the residents, shared the harvest gifts with them and had a drink and a biscuit.

Thank you very much to everyone who provided harvest gifts and for everyone who helped make our celebration so enjoyable.